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Our pediatric dental care office understands that at some point your child may experience a dental emergency. Below are some common issues that may arise, along with steps to consider for each situation.
In the event of a serious dental emergency, please call our office or take your child to your nearest hospital emergency room.
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Cleanse the affected area around the tooth. Rinse the mouth with warm water to dislodge any debris that may be present. To reduce or minimize swelling, you can apply a cold compress. If the pain persists or increases in intensity, contact our dental office.
Cut To Cheek, Lip or Tongue

Stay calm but act quickly by applying firm pressure on the area to control the bleeding. Once the bleeding is under control, review the area for debris or swelling. Gently clean the area and apply an ice pack to reduce any swelling. If the bleeding is not controlled, call our office immediately or take your child to your nearest hospital emergency room for treatment.
Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

If you can, locate the tooth and pick it up by its' chewing surface. Rinse tooth with water and reinsert into the tooth socket. Use a soft cloth to hold the tooth in place. If unable to reinsert the tooth, preserve it in a cup with your child's saliva or some milk to keep it moist. Contact our dental office immediately. The objective is to save the tooth, if possible.
Knocked Out Baby Tooth

Calm your child and apply pressure to the area with a clean cloth. If you can, hold an ice pack over the area, or have your child bite down on a cold compress. If possible, locate the tooth and contact our office during business hours. In most cases, this is not an emergency.
Chipped or Fractured Permanent Tooth

If this happens to your child or adolescent, please call our office immediately. We will advise you of the steps needed to save the tooth, and to prevent infection that may result from the injury. Rinse the area and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. Locate any tooth fragments to bring to your pediatric dental visit.
Chipped or Fractured Baby Tooth

If your baby experiences a slip or fall resulting in a chipped or fractured tooth, please call our office immediately. Our pediatric dentist will need to check for any damage that could affect the growth of any permanent teeth.
If your child is involved in an accident involving a head injury or possible fractured or broken jaw, please immediately take your child to your nearest hospital emergency room. Once your child has sought medical treatment, please call our office to let us know so our pediatric dentist can follow-up.